Segovia: Casa-Museo de Antonio Machado

One of my goals when I travel, is to see and learn new things. The trip to Segovia served me well. The alcazar was the inspiration for my deciding to spend a week in Segovia. I particularly like to stay in smaller towns. I like the quiet, I seem to be able to soak up their history. I like the sense of being out in the open. I like being able to walk across town in ten minutes. I ended up really liking Segovia. I stayed in the old historic part – the medieval city with much of its walls remaining intact.… Read More

T-Shirt Designs: Mezquita-Catedral de Cordoba

From doing internet searches, I find that dragons come in all shapes, styles, colors, and sizes. The sky is the limit. Lots of creativity permitted. That attracts me. I love letting my imagination run wild. The ribbing in the cathedral ceiling reminded me of wings – bat wings specifically – but bats are, um, not in style these days. Nor are they that big. So, I thought dragon wings. This was before the other two dragons appeared in shirt designs. This was months ago.… Read More