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Granada: Abadia del Sacromonte

I took the tour because it was included with my Granada Pass. I had not heard of this place prior to planning my trip to Granada. I knew they had ancient manuscripts from quickie research on the internet and the Secret Granada book. The tour disappointed me because they only showed us about a dozen ancient texts – I was dreaming about walking through rows of massive shelves filled with ancient texts.… Read More

Gibraltar: Jews Gate Cemetery

The cemetery was compelling. I felt pulled in to visit it. I also felt uncertain because I did not have good knowledge about Judaism. I have since spent time studying and learning the basics of Jewish history, religious beliefs, and Hebrew (alphabet and some vocabulary). I tried to read the Torah in Hebrew and studied English translations of commentaries by Rambam (Maimonides), Ramban (Nachmanides), and Ramak (Cordovero). I dabbled with a translation of the Genesis portion of the Zohar (and it’s endless footnotes).… Read More

T-shirt Designs: Casa del Hildago (aka Museo Rodera-Robles)

When I arrived in Segovia, I visited the tourist information place. The nice lady gave me a map of Segovia with tourist stuff marked on it and a very long list of everything on the back side. The list gave a brief description of each location and included small photos from many as well. Casa del Hildago looked interesting. Before going, it can be tough to know if you’re going to tour an empty historic building, or one filled with furniture, or one filled with an art exhibit.… Read More