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Granada: Abadia del Sacromonte

I took the tour because it was included with my Granada Pass. I had not heard of this place prior to planning my trip to Granada. I knew they had ancient manuscripts from quickie research on the internet and the Secret Granada book. The tour disappointed me because they only showed us about a dozen ancient texts – I was dreaming about walking through rows of massive shelves filled with ancient texts.… Read More

Granada: Museo Cuevas del Sacromonte

The houses were a striking contrast to typical Granada homes. Not just because they were caves. The homes in Granada were very private and inward focused. A typical Granada home has high walls with no windows around its perimeter. The house is built around the inside of the perimeter wall, facing inward to a central courtyard. The cave homes were the opposite. The homes were carved from the mountain side where it curved around forming the homes into a sweeping semi-circle. The houses opening on the community shared spaced in the center.… Read More