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T-shirt Designs: Taoguang Temple

Taoguang Temple is part of the Lingyin Temple scenic area in the Wulin Mountains part of West Lake scenic area in Hangzhou, China. This was my first trip to China (hopefully, I can make another trip!). And it was a self-guided solo trip for me. In my effort to plan a simple trip, I decided to visit Hangzhou and the West Lake UNESCO World Heritage Site. I had a rough idea what to see and expect, but there was much more than I knew about. I knew about the big temples and the famous sights – which were all crowded, especially on the weekend.… Read More

Treehuggin’ in Hangzhou

Clearly, the trees around West Lake receive lots of attention and care. Being from the United States where the street trees seem to only get pruned when the threaten overhead power lines, I marveled at how much attention these trees received. The West Lake area in Hangzhou, China is a UNESCO World Heritage site located in Hangzhou, China.… Read More