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Segovia: The Alcazar

The alcazar is billed as being famous for inspiring the Disney Castle, so I didn’t have high expectations for my visit. I was expecting to gawk and go. But they have a self-guided (audio optional) tour through many of the castle rooms – and the rooms are quite lavishly finished. Good tile work, exquisite wood detailing, etc. Well worth the time and price to take the tour. Don’t just show up and take the famous exterior photo of the west facade.… Read More

Granada: Palacio de Dar Al-Horra

Palacio de Dar Al-Horra, located in the Albaicin neighborhood, was the last house tour of my visit to Granada. The last day of my trip, at the end of an entire week of sightseeing in Granada – yes, I bought tickets for the Alhambra for two days – yes, I’m an architectural junkie. So, tired, I arrived at the palacio, and it turned out to be one of the best of the many palacios that you can visit in Granada. The house has quite a few exhibits inside in contrast to many of the houses that are open for tours that have only empty rooms.… Read More