T-shirt FAQ

Where are the t-shirts printed?

The t-shirts are printed by Printful in North Carolina.


How are they t-shirts printed?

They are printed using a technique called “Direct to Garment”


What is the quality of the printing?

Quite good. Not plastic. It’s like if you printed on fabric instead of paper in your printer at home.


Do I have to pay shipping?

We are currently offering free shipping.


Do I have to pay sales taxes?

Only if the shirts are shipped to an address in Arizona (because I live in Arizona) or North Carolina (because Printful’s warehouse is in North Carolina).


How long until I receive my shirts?

Printful currently is reporting delays in fulfillment due to Covid-19. Typically, they print and ship within a week. But my recent sample order took a bit longer. Hopefully, they will recover soon.


Are there coupons or discounts?

From time to time. Watch my Instagram or Facebook feeds for discount codes.