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Gibraltar: Jews Gate Cemetery

The cemetery was compelling. I felt pulled in to visit it. I also felt uncertain because I did not have good knowledge about Judaism. I have since spent time studying and learning the basics of Jewish history, religious beliefs, and Hebrew (alphabet and some vocabulary). I tried to read the Torah in Hebrew and studied English translations of commentaries by Rambam (Maimonides), Ramban (Nachmanides), and Ramak (Cordovero). I dabbled with a translation of the Genesis portion of the Zohar (and it’s endless footnotes).… Read More

Going beyond your guide book: What to see and do on your trip

Yes, I read travel guide books, and use them to plan my trips. Eyewitness Travel Guides are my favorite because they have lots of pictures and graphic diagrams. And I do internet searches and read a plethora of travel websites. But not everything worth seeing is in the guide books, or you missed seeing in the guide book, or it just didn’t look interesting in the guide book. I always like to keep my eyes open for interesting things once I arrive at a destination.… Read More

Riding the city bus when you don’t have a bus map

When I first began to travel, riding a city bus was terrifying. How will I know when to get off? My experience with city buses in American cities has been that there are no announcements, or the announcements are not a spoken version of English that I understand. And when traveling in a foreign country – where you are not as familiar with the terrain and may be dealing with a new language – it is even more terrifying. I have found that it can be done successfully, though.… Read More