I travel to see the world’s wonders both architectural and natural.  I decided when I was fifteen years old that I wanted to learn everything there is to learn, and travel the world seeing great art, architecture, nature – and learn the cultures, ideas, and religions of the local people.  Over the decades, I’ve managed to travel and see some of the world, and I have a bucket list many miles long remaining. I find that there is something special – je ne sais quoi – about traveling to a place and walking across the earth (or over cobble stone streets), in the footsteps of others, that one just does not experience when looking at photos.


I try to take inspiring photos of the places that I visit. All the photos on this blog were taken by yours truly. Please contact me if you wish to purchase a license to use a photograph in your work or on your website. To see more of my photos, please follow me on Instagram @studiopickett.

Cultural Chameleon

I try to travel gracefully by having knowledge and understanding of the local culture of the place that I’m visiting. I read and research cultures prior to traveling, and then gain more depth to my understanding while visiting.  Follow along on my blog where I share my travel experiences, explore interesting architecture, and my pitfalls along the way.


I’m interested in architecture, and I work as an architect drawing the construction documents and details that are used to get building permits and actually construct the buildings. For more information, see my Architectural Services page.  With over 20 years of experience providing construction documents for architecture firms, I have technical expertise using the International Building Code (IBC), New York City Building Codes (all of them) and Zoning Resolution, and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities regulations to design moderate-sized commercial and residential projects for both new buildings and alterations, including preparing detailed 2D black-line traditional construction drawings with AutoCAD.


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All writings posted on this website are written by me.