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Riding the city bus when you don’t have a bus map

When I first began to travel, riding a city bus was terrifying. How will I know when to get off? My experience with city buses in American cities has been that there are no announcements, or the announcements are not a spoken version of English that I understand. And when traveling in a foreign country – where you are not as familiar with the terrain and may be dealing with a new language – it is even more terrifying. I have found that it can be done successfully, though.… Read More

A bench called “Schmitten”

The Swiss are mountain goats. My apologies. Their hiking trails are graded by difficulty, and an “easy” Swiss hike is a “hard” American hike. The signposts along the trail, telling you which way to go, are color-coded with the difficulty info so you can presumably make reasonable choices.… Read More